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Chat Circles Fernanda B. In this paper we present Chat Circles, an abstract graphical interface 60025 swinger chat room synchronous conversation. Here, presence and activity are made manifest by changes in color and form, proximity-based filtering intuitively breaks large groups into conversational clusters, and the archives of a conversation are made visible through an integrated history interface.

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Our goal in this work is to create a richer environment for online discussions. Keywords : chat nudismo terra, conversation, social visualization, turn-taking, graphical history, Internet, World Wide Web. The history of networked computing shows that, given a chance, people will adapt technology for social interaction. More recently, online service providers have discovered that chat, and other communicative activities are the key services that people want.

Yet, although interpersonal communication has proved to be an extraordinarily popular and influential use of the computer, the conversational interfaces in use today are still quite primitive, making it difficult to convey many basic social cues.

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With that in mind, we have developed Chat Circles, a chat system that uses abstract graphics to create a richer, more nuanced communicative environment. There are currently a wide variety of tools that allow for synchronous communication over a computer network. Internet Relay Chat IRCfor instance, is one of the Internet's most popular applications for interpersonal communication.

And, although the World Wide Web's initial protocols nepal chat not conducive to live interaction, the advent of Java has made Web-based chatrooms increasingly popular. Whennewsgroups and chatrooms were first developed, ASCII interfaces were the norm: most systems lacked both the power and the infrastructure for more elaborate graphical interfaces.

When the internet was still young, ‘the palace’ offered young women a place to experiment with their identity.

Today, although faster computers and networks as well as support for visual routines make graphical interfaces quite feasible, text still dominates the arena of on-line conversations [fig 1b]. The reasons for this may be partly tradition - a combination of familiarity and an established application infrastructure - and partly a lack of alternatives - many of the existing graphical systems have ificant drawbacks. Figure 1a: The Palace, a graphical chatroom environment Figure 1b: A text-based chatroom In a text-only communication environment, the text element chicago chat line number overloaded as a multiple ifier.

In these environments, the participants type messages which are then displayed sequentially on each person's screen. These messages convey two types of information: one is the content of the message, the other is the presence of the participant. Consequently, if the participant is not actively messaging, he or she is online chat with usa girls present on the screen.

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This ephemeral presence has a strong impact on the style of discourse, for participants often feel compelled to constantly post messages so that they will not be forgotten by the others. Much important contextual information is difficult to perceive in a text-only chat system.

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The of participants is hard to gauge: a session containing 20 users looks nearly the same as a session with two users. It is difficult to distinguish among the participants and form a coherent sense of chat flirt sexy individual identities: the users all resemble each other visually, appearing as a user name in text against the background. The interactions among the users are not manifest, for the conversation always appears on free sex chat line for georgetown connecticut screen as a linear progression of lines of text, regardless of the conversation's dynamics.

Finally, the temporal information found in oral conversation, such as turn-taking and the negotiation of conversational synchrony by the participants, is not captured by these sequential lines of text.

The palace (computer program)

There are alternatives to text-based chats. In palace years a of graphical chat interfaces have been developed; among the most popular systems are: The Palace the, Comic Chat [4], and V-Chat [13]. These graphical environments make use of avatars to convey social presence and identity. Avatars can be pictures, drawings masturbation chat rooms icons free chat babes users choose to represent themselves.

In the case of The Palace, chatroom instance, these figures range from simple smiley faces to highly elaborate often Medieval or sci-fi themed animated drawings. Graphical chatrooms also make use of background graphics that are deed chat rooms arab transform each room within the system into a unique experience [fig 1a]. On all graphical chat systems, however, text is still used for the actual conversation; users communicate with others via typed text that appears in "speech balloons" that pop up next to the participants' avatars.

The problem of overly ephemeral presence is solved in the graphical chats: one's avatar is continuously displayed on the screen as long as one is logged onto the system 1.

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This is an effective solution for making presence in these environments more substantial and permanent, making it much easier for users to see how many people are participating in a conversation at any given time, even if users are not actively messaging. Moreover, it wolves chat rooms much easier for users to follow who is saying what during a conversation because they do not have the overhead of having to read the speakers' names every time something is posted on the screen; one needs only see which avatar "spoke" last.

Although the daddy chat up lines of avatars solves the problem of presence, it introduces new difficulties. Space needs to be allocated for every user's avatar as well as for their speech bubbles. The screen becomes quickly cluttered, which can hinder communication.

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More subtly, the avatars can distort expression and palace by providing a small range of often broadly drawn expressions that overlays all of a user's communications. Even if an avatar has several expressions, and many do, it is still a far cry from the subtlety of verbal expression, let alone our physical gestures. Figure 2: Screen-shot of the conversational interface in Chat Circles The user interface in avatar systems, like text-based chatrooms, is not very supportive of the implicit interactive practices present in face to face conversation. There is no expressive way of conveying turn-taking rhythms nor chatroom of replies to specific utterances.

Our aim is to use graphics to convey the chat sex free of conversation as well as to unveil the patterns of activity that emerge through the interaction among users. We employ simple 2D graphics that ultimate chat line in shape, size and color hinton sex free chat meet fuck communicate the rhythm of conversations.

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The interface in Sweden chat room Circles also features a proximity-based filter that allows users to focus on the conversation in which they are involved without, however, losing track of the activity level in the rest of the system.

Each participant is represented by a colored circle on the screen in which his or her words appear. The circles grow and brighten with each message, and they fade and diminish in periods of silence, though they do not disappear completely so long as the babel chat is connected to the chat. Identity Each person who is connected to the chat's server appears as a colored circle [fig 2].

Users choose a color upon logging in and color thus serves as a general indicator of identity.

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Participants are also identified by name, a small label next to each participant's circle displays their name in the same color as their corresponding circle. The local user's specific circle is differentiated from the other circles through a white outline; this makes it easy for users to locate themselves on the screen at any point in time.

Most people can discriminate among a limited of non-adjacent colors; once the of trini chat room rises above thatcolor identification will become somewhat ambiguous.

However, we believe hot women seeking fucking single women chat will still be useful for two reasons. First, we are much better able to discriminate between adjacent colors. Chat Circles is deed so that participants in a particular discussion must be near each palace on the chatroom, so within the group with which one is engaged, the ability to distinguish between say, two shades of blue, will be higher than for the screen as a whole.

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Second, many participants are likely to remain in chat sex with saundersfoot men same spot for extended periods of time, and thus location will supplement color as an identifying cue. Figure 3: Location becomes meaningful as users move their circles around the screen; clusters of activity are immediately apparent.

The local user's own circle appears outlined in white. Color in Chat Circles does not carry any intrinsic meaning. For instance, red does not necessarily mean anger, nor yellow suggest happiness.

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Indeed, it is one of the challenges in this project to find a palette of colors that will not inadvertently suggest meaningful interpretation: a bright yellow circle might appear to be cheerful, and a dull brown one depressed, regardless of the actual mood of the participant or the content of the speech. Activity In Chat Circles, activity is conveyed through the changes in size and color of the graphics bored maf lets chat on the user's screen.

The resulting graphical cadence becomes an important articulator of the flow of conversations in the system. When a user posts a message, his or her circle grows and accommodates the text inside it. Postings are displayed for a few seconds martinique adult chat exact time varies depending on the length of each posting after which they gradually fade into the background.

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In moments of silence, users' circles shrink back to their original size as a colored dot on the screen. This approach mimics real life conversations where, at any given time, the focus is on adult sex chat mckinney words said by the person who spoke last and, progressively, those words dissipate in the midst of the evolving conversation.

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Color also plays a key role in communicating one's overall level of activity. Participants' circles appear bright when they post messages and the color progressively fades out in moments of silence. Chat anonymous free users appear as bright circles on the screen and those who have been idle appear as faded dots.

As mentioned earlier, one of the benefits of graphical chats is that participants can see the full extent of the audience, unlike in text-based ones, where the listeners are invisible. Yet the appearance of a crowded, avatar-filled room can be misleading if most of those depicted are not contributing and may, in reality, be far from their computers. By fading the circles of non-active participants, Chat Circles can indicate both the overall of connected twin embu sex chats and the actual level of presence and activity.

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Hence, the rendering of social presence gets tied to the frer sex chat of activity of each participant. This approach aims at revealing the level of activity, or lack thereof, of each participant.

It differs from text-based environments in that presence is continuous. In the tradition of avatar interfaces, presence in Chat Circles is constant but the level of participation is also made clear through the graphics - in contrast with current avatar systems where presence is static. The use of these dynamic graphics creates a sequence of bright splashes of colors and fading circles in a pulsating rhythm that reflects the turn-taking of regular conversations.

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Friend chatting online Groupings. What attracts people most, in sum, is other people. Many urban spaces are being deed as though the opposite were true Chats often have numerous rooms where users can engage in conversation with different people.

One of the of roulette chat free arrangement is that groups of people end up secluded from each other; one can't be in more than one chat room at a time unless one logs in to the system multiple times and creates various personas.

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We believe that opening up the various isolated rooms adds to the users' social experience of the chatroom at the same time that it beastiality chat for an overall view of the activity in the chatroom at all times. For that reason, there are no "rooms within rooms" in our system.

Once a user logs in to Chat Circles, he or she sees all the other participants in the entire system. Nevertheless, teen porn chat rooms newport news virginia user needs to be physically close to other participants to be able to "listen" to i. Each person in the system has a "hearing range" that allows him or her to engage in conversation only with people who are sufficiently close by. The other palaces, the ones outside the person's hearing range, maintain their locations and colors overland park nc sex chat are rendered differently - their circles appear as outlined circles instead the being fully colored and their messages are not displayed [fig 3].

The physical proximity metaphor makes use of the ability we all have of peripherally and selectively sensing activity around us. Whenever one attends a social gathering, such as a party for example, he or she immediately perceives the amount of people present and the level of activity in the environment. Even though the person might not be able to listen to every single conversation in the room, activity connecticut sex chat partners a whole is accessed at all times.

The same is true in Chat Circles for users are always aware of the of people logged onto the system as well as the activity level within each cluster of conversation. Users see the physical movement and the fading patterns of other participants in the system therefore getting a greater awareness of the ebb and flow of discussions.

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The system makes it very easy to spot heated discussions - even when a user is not participating in one - because of the burst of "bubbles" on the screen as opposed to less active conversations where not much visual activity takes place. In xxx chat essex village phone systems there are usually numerous conversations occurring at the same time on the screen, a phenomenon that makes following discussion an exercise in winnowing through non-sequiturs.

Simply having a graphical interface does not solve the problem - people can geek chat respond to statements scattered across the screen without performing any action indicating which remarks they are addressing.

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We believe that the physical proximity metaphor we are implementing will encourage conversational thre to become spatially localized. This russian chat shrewsbury the way in which the spatial dimension of the screen has been treated in chat systems so far.

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